Stuff Be Happening!

2016-09-18 20:03:57 by Ballzy247

So today is the start of the mad dash to the Finish. The last Trimester of my course and the official start of my internship at Frame VR / Immersion VR in West Perth. The Next 13 Weeks of my life is going to be "Madness", mixed with "Crazy", and with a dash of "Insanity". It's going to be a wild ride and I can not wait to enjoy every bit of it!

My top 10 for October 2015

2015-11-02 10:16:08 by Ballzy247

These animations I feel have earnt their place on this list.


Please enjoy the Creepiness!




1 – Another


2 - The Finger Eater: Contract


3 - Jumo x Dopize – Quest


4 - NWAR: Left Standing


5 - Still Spineless: Crows


6 - Hopkins & Delaney LLP


7- Texting Short


8 - Fallen Angel: Trailer


9 - The Scarecrow


10 - Halloween Ghost House




This is Ballzy247 Signing out.